Vintage Port News

1966 Ports

We have just acquired a cellar of 1966 Ports. This includes Warre, Croft and Taylors Read more

1966 Ports

We have just acquired a cellar of 1966 Ports. This includes Warre, Croft and Taylors Read more

Free Delivery for Orders Over £100

We are pleased to offer free standard UK delivery on any order over £100. The postage cost will be deducted at the checkout

Kopke Port Awarded Outstanding by PArker

Six Kopke Ports are awarded 90+ Points in the latest edition of Robert Parkers Wine Advocate.

1964 Taylors Harvest Port Back in Stock

April 2014- We have just received another 5 cases (30 Bottles) of the limited release Taylors 1964. An ideal gift for those with 50th Birthdays. Read more

More 2011 Coming in

We have been able to secure remaining stock of Symmington Port - Dow, Grahams, QD Vesuvio, Capella and Cockburn. These will go on sale early May 2014.

1863 Taylors 1882 Grahams

We are pleased to have secured stock of the 1863 Taylors and the 1882 Grahams Ne Oublie. Taylors 1863 Regarded as the last great Port harvest before the spread of Phylloxera in the Douro, the 1863 wood aged Port will be offered to the market following its launch in Hong Kong on 26 May, London Wine Fair on 3 June and New York on 4 June. It is presented in a bespoke crystal decanter in a wooden presentation box with a maple burl veneer and a certificate signed by Taylor’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Bridge. Taylor’s is recognised as the leading producer of Aged Tawny and possesses one of the most extensive reserves of cask aged Port of any shipper. Over the years, Taylor’s has added to these reserves, seeking out and acquiring some extraordinary parcels of very old wood aged Ports which are used to enrich its 40 Year Old Tawny blend, including some rare and valuable wines from the 19th Century. Four years ago, Taylor’s released Scion, a very rare pre-Phylloxera Port. The success of Scion has created a strong global interest in rare single wood-aged Ports which is why Taylor’s decided to make another limited edition release from its collection, a rare Single Harvest Port from 1863. Adrian Bridge commented, "This remarkable Port is like a time capsule, offering a fascinating glimpse into a distant past.” He added, "The 1863 has been in wood for over a century-and-a-half and is a piece of wine history. Thanks to the perfect ageing environment of the lodges in Oporto it is perfectly balanced and shows an extraordinary vitality.” Read more

2012 Split Vintage Declaration

Noval have declared the 2012 Vintage alongside Quinta do Vesuvio. Taylors, Fonseca, Graham, Dow and croft have offered single quinta vintage ports. Producers shied away from declaring so soon after the success of the 2011 vintage. A drought early in the year contributed to low yields of good quality grapes. The Fladgate Partnership’s head winemaker, David Guimaraens offered an overview of the conditions that shaped this 2012 style, observing: “A dry winter followed by a cool spring led to low yields but plenty of aromatic intensity. The cool ripening season was balanced by healthy growth giving the resulting Ports crisp acidity and a remarkable purity of fruit.”

New Consignment of Kopke 55, 65 and 75 just in

We are please to say that we have secured a sizeable allocation of the 55 Kopke Colheita Port.

2011 Vintage Port Declaration

The Douro Valley's top Port houses are declaring the 2011 vintage, making it the first generalized declaration for Vintage Port since the classic 2007 vintage. “The 2011s stand out for the purity of the fruit and the quality of the tannins, which are silky and well-integrated, but provide plenty of structure,” said David Guimaraens, Fladgate's chief winemaker. Fladgate will release 11,000 cases of 2011 Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port, 6,000 cases of 2011 Fonseca, 5,000 cases of 2011 Croft and 310 cases of the flagship Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas Vinha Velha. All in all, 2011 appears to be an across-the-board Vintage Port declaration year, in the mold of the widespread declarations of classic-rated vintages 2007, 2003, 2000, 1997 and 1994.

2013 Vintage Port now in

We have just received our allocation of 2013 Vintage Ports. Read more

2011 Vintage Port - First Arrivals

The first batch of 2011 vintage port has been delivered to us and are available for immediate delivery. These are the Sandeman, Offley and Ferreira vintage Ports. The Sandeman ports in the oak gift boxes look fantastic.

2013 Port Vintage

The shippers are starting to announce their offers for 2013. Fonseca have announced a Single Quinta, Vesuvio and Noval have declared very small quantities of vintage port. Dow is offering a small quantity of Senhora de Ribeira. We will post the offers on our website as the offers are announced.