Burmester Port, 2013

Burmester Port , 2013

Late Bottled Vintage Port

Description and Reviews:
The 2013 Burmester Late Bottled Vintage Port has aromas that are delicate and varied, with plenty of tropical fruit, berries and grapes fully ripe. In its evolution are noticeable aromas of cocoa, chocolate and a slight toasted wood. The palate is dense and opaque.

In similar fashion to the Vintage, Late Bottled Vintage is produced in the traditional manner, thus gaining a more rustic and tougher character. It is aged in the Vila Nova de Gaia cellars in enormous oak vats in order to preserve its deep colour and fresh fruit flavours, gaining a closed and fruity character. It is bottled between the fourth and fifth spring after harvest.

Food Pairing:
It can be appreciated as an aperitive or on any other ocasion. Ideal accompaniment to nuts, cheeses or deserts.

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Late Bottled Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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