Ferreira, 1958

Vintage Port

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A rare bottle of 1958 Ferreira Vintage Port. Tasting notes on this port are difficult to find but our friends at vintageport.se have tasted this on four occasions. The most recent tasting (2020) describes this port as "mature and at its peak" with a complex bouquet of mint, toffee and butterscotch. On the palate it is "quite full bodied. Toffee in flavour. Delicious and balanced with a long lovely and attractive finish. Will not be better but is indeed wonderful with a never ending finish."

The name "Ferreira" stands out in the history of the Douro. Founded in 1751 by Manuel Ferreira, the brand's evolution is intertwined with the development of the Douro Region itself. The company's foundations started with the commercial activities of his grandsons, José Bernardo, and António Bernardo in the early nineteenth century, which they added considerably to the land they had inherited.

Ferreira's most famous owner, Donna Antonia Ferreira inherited the business at just 33 and through her entrepreneurial spirit and charisma she strengthened and expanded the business acquiring many famous Quintas in the process. Nowadays she is still remembered in Portugal for her sound business ethics and as an example of good practice. Her intelligence and kindness earned her the warm admiration of her contemporaries, who affectionately nicknamed her "Ferreirinha" (little Ferreira).

After she died Ferreira continued to evolve with its unique collection of estates in the Douro,. The company ahs always supported the best œnological methods to produce excellent wines under one strong brand. These values have carried Ferreira into the 21st century and were instrumental in creating wines such as the legendary Barca Velha in the 1950s. Acquiring Ferreira in 1987 allowed Sogrape Vinhos to assume leadership of the Portuguese Porto wine market immediately. Also, this acquisition enhanced its portfolio with some of the most prestigious Douro table wine brands and enriched its assets with a collection of the essential properties of the Douro Specified Region, such as the Leda, Porto and Caedo estates.

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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