Fonseca Port, 1955

Fonseca Port, 1955

Vintage Port
Labelled | Mid Shoulder | Re-waxed Capsule
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Description and Reviews:
The 1955 was the only year declared by Fonseca in the 50s.

Notes on the year
The year was marked by an excellent ripening season with hot weather in July and August meaning that the crop was perfectly mature towards the end of September. Most of the well known shippers declared 1955.

Tasting Note
Medium to deep red, with a remarkably youthful ruby edge. Incredible richness and almost young grapey fruit character. As it breathes it opens to reveal spicy mature dark fruit aromas. On the palate it fills the mouth with round, marzipan richness mixed with full chocolate flavour. It is big and fresh and wonderfully balanced with a finish that mixes bottle maturity with plenty of chocolatey fresh fruit. 10.00pm. Continues with dense toffee and dark chocolate aromas, with characteristic green notes. The palate is broad and dense, with so much structure. Impressive. Intense finish with medicinal cough medicine touch.

Condition Report:

Labelled | Original capsule damaged so Bottle replaced with new capsule to preserve integrity

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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