Offley Vintage Port

Founded in London in 1737 by William Offley as a wine trading company, Offley soon began to produce its own port and earn recognition as a high-quality, creative wine House. A decisive moment in the company’s development was the arrival of Joseph James Forrester, nephew to William Offley, and his appointment as partner. Forrester, who would later be given the title of Baron by the King in recognition of his achievements, devoted his life and career to furthering the Port industry and his company; he was the first to chart the Douro River and Valley, contributed to key international trade links for Port wine and undertook numerous studies into wine-growing, benefiting the industry with his research into native grapes, soil types and pests.

Unfortunately, the Baron passed in a boating accident on the river he loved so much; the ships in Oporto and Lisbon hoisted their colours to half-mast in respect when the news reached them, and his legacy continues to this day through Offley and the Port wine trade as a whole. He is still affectionately remembered in the wine country as ‘protector of the Douro’. Today, Offley takes immense pride in its heritage and aims to ‘adjust yesterday’s experience to tomorrow’s challenges’.

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Offley Vintage Port, 2018

Vintage Port
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2018 Offley Vintage Port. Offley was declared alongside Sandeman - they are both owned by Sogrape. Offley did not declare in 2017 as the winemaker Luís Sottemayer recognised that the 2018 Offley was outstanding quality at an early stage and was already confident about the 2018 declaration last year, in the midst of the multiple 2017 declarations.

Wine Makers Notes
Offley 2018 has deep colour, almost opaque. Aromas of good intensity and complexity, with floral and balsamic notes together with heather, resin, red berries and a light spice. On the palate it has good volume, lively acidity, firm tannins, red berries and black fruits, with a very long, harmonious finish.
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