Quevedo is a beautiful gem of a producer that is very highly regarded amongst port aficionados. Family owned for over 100 years, the estate is now in the capable hands of Oscar and Claudia the new generation of wine makers. Together, they have developed and innovated to produce an outstanding portfolio of ports.

The Quevedo family have been making port wine for generations however their produce was for merchants based in Vila Nova de Gaia. But when Portugal joined the European Union in 1986, legislation changed to allow both grape growers and wineries in the Douro to export their wines directly to the retailer. And as a result of this new legislation, the family brand “Quevedo” was born.

The Quevedo cellar is located in S. Joao da Pesqueira, a small town in the heart of Douro Valley. With 112 hectares of vineyards in prime locations, a modern winery and generations of knowledge and it is easy to see why the ports are consistently rated as outstanding.

Quevedo Tasting Experience

Join Oscar for a live Tasting On 7/8th May 2020 where he will showcase 6 Port wines representing some of his best vintages.

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Quevedo, Tasting Experience

Quevedo Taste at Home - Online Tutored Tasting
Buy the pack and follow the tasting video on You Tube

You Tube

We have teamed up with Oscar Quevedo and the Big Fortified Tasting to launch a Taste At Home tutored port tasting experience on YouTube Live. Oscar will introduce his family winery and lead you through a tutored tasting of six bottles of his delicious Ports:

Session 1 Oscar will talk about his Tawny Port wines (Quevedo Special Reserve Tawny, Quevedo 10 Year Old Tawny and Quevedo 2004 Colheita).
Session 2 Oscar will discuss his Ruby style of Port (Quevedo LBV, Vintage Port 2005, Vintage Port 2013).
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Quevedo, Tasting Experience

Quevedo Taste at Home - White Port Online Tutored Tasting
Buy the pack and follow the tasting video on You Tube on 30th July
Includes FREE 2018 Vintage Port cask sample.

**** Please note these will be shipped out week commencing 20/7/2020 ****

We have again teamed up with Oscar Quevedo to bring you a Taste At Home tutored white port tasting experience on YouTube Live. Oscar will introduce his family winery and lead you through a tutored tasting of 4 sample bottles of his delicious White Port from a special reserve white through to a rare 1970 single harvest port. He has also included his newly released 2015 LBV and has kindly included a FREE cask sample of their 2018 Vintage Port.

The pack contains 90ml sample bottles of:
- 1970 White Colheita
- 30 Year Old Quevedo White
- 10 Year Old Quevedo White
- Special Reserve White Tawny
- 2015 Late Bottled Vintage (new release).
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Quevedo, 2018

Vintage Port (6x75)
Special Opening Offer | £199 Duty paid inclusive of VAT and UK delivery Delivery August/September 2020

Oscar and Claudia Quevedo have recently declared their 2018 Quevedo Vintage port. This follows their acclaimed 2017 Vintage.

We are pleased to offer new release of Quevedo 2018 Vintage.
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we are only offering them Duty Paid inclusive of VAT. Shipping will be in August/September 2018.

2018 was a roller-coaster of a year with an exceptionally wet spring followed by a summer punctuated by heatwaves. Whilst not a general declaration, the ports we have tasted are excellent. Quevedo, who have a several prime vineyards, each with their own micro-climate, were able to select the best grapes to blend into their vintage and the result is a port worthy of its declaration.
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Quevedo, 2017


Special Offer | Was £44.95 | Now £39.95

*** Highly Recommended ***

Review Scores
*** 18/20 - Jancis Robinson ***

The 2017 Quevedo is, without doubt, our best value port representing outstanding quality at an exceptionally low price. It is highly recommended by our wine buyer who says that the quality compares very favourably to ports more than twice the price!

Our review: Tasted at the Big Fortified Tasting, April 2019. The 2017 Quevedo has a great deep inky-purple colour that marks the appearance of a Vintage Port. The aroma is dominated by a youthful dark fruit with hints of fragrant violets. On the palate It is a very powerful wine, yet fresh with seductive dark fruits.
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Quevedo, 2016

Vintage Port

The 2016 Quevedo Vintage Port Wine is a deep dark ruby with violet undertones, and the nose offers lush plum, grape and blueberry aromas supported by rich spice notes, a lovely combination of freshness and intensity. On the palate dense, powerful fruit and rich tannins are well balanced, robust and compact, just what you want for a classic Vintage Port.

Notes from Quevedo: "At this point it seems every year is an “atypical” year for weather in the Douro, and 2016 gave us challenges different from 2015’s atypical pattern. The winter months were warmer than usual and January and February wetter by far than the historical averages.
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Quevedo, 2015

Vintage Port

The 2015 Vintage Quevedo Port Wine is a deep dark ruby with hints of purple. It Has a rich nose of ripe fruits like blueberry, cherry, plum, a touch of cacao and wild flowers. The pallet is full, intense and persistent, presenting fine and round tannins. Long finish with chocolate notes.
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Quevedo, 2014

Late Bottled Vintage Port

A 2014 Vintage Port Wine from Quevedo. This delightful port was crowned by Robert Parker's Wine Advocate as the best value port on the market in the fortified category.
Winner of the Silver medal IWC. "The 2013 Quevedo Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV) was bottled in September 2018, it was aged for 24 months in well-used French oak and comes in at 97 grams per litre of residual sugar. Lush and caressing, this throws off chocolate nuances and tasty fruit.
**90 Points, Wine Advocate.**
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Quevedo, 2013

Vintage Port

A 2013 vintage port wine produced by Quevedo.

"Dark cherry colour. Aroma of blackberries, raspberries and a touch of violets. On the palate beautiful texture, with good body and weight and dominated by pure primary flavors. The tannins are mostly hidden by primary fruit." - 92 pts, Robert Parker
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10 Year Old Tawny port

A 10-Year- Old Tawny Port Wine from Quevedo. The colour is light and brown with hints of orange due to the long ageing in oak cask. The nose is filled with aromas of dried fruit, cinnamon and walnuts. On the palate the nutty flavours predominate, along with a touch of coffee and chocolate.

"Color light brown with hints of orange. Aroma very balanced with flavors of dried fruit, cinnamon and a certain floral note. Well defined aromas of wood, resulting from ageing in very old oak. On the palate light coffee beans. Nice lingering finish." - Robert Parker Wine Advocate, 90 / 100 points.

Quevedo is part of a new generation of small family wineries based in the Douro.
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Quevedo, 2007

Vintage Port

Quevedo Vintage Port 2007 is an intense ruby colour. The nose has a lush aroma of violet nuances with marked presence of plum, grapes and cassis. The palate is dense and rich in fruit, well balanced with good tannins. It is a port full of vigour, full-bodied and with a very long finish.

Quevedo is a family run winery, where the new generation of owners, Oscar and Claudia are innovating to produce some amazing ports. Not widely known in the UK but very highly regarded amongst port aficionados this is one to stock up on.

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Quevedo, 2005

Vintage Port

The Quevedo Vintage Port 2005 is a dark cherry colour. The flavour is of ripe fruit - evocative of black plum and redcurrant. Earthy and well balanced with a touch of dry wood. Some minutes later raspberry and violet flower flavour emerge with a lovely hint of soy. On the palate: balanced and voluminous with very good tannins. Sweet oak combined with dried fruit such as fig, plum or date. Persistent and unique finish.

Quevedo is a family brand producing quality Port from vineyards they have owned for more than one hundred years. The new generation of owners, Oscar and Claudia, are innovating to produce some amazing ports.
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Quevedo, 2004

Colheita Port

The 2004 Quevedo colheita port is an amazing value/quality port. The tawny has a medium to dark brick colour, hints of pomegranate clear and even from the centre to
the edge. Definitively on the elegance and purity on the nose which opens up notes of fresh almonds, dried figs and nutmeg. On the palate the 2004 is surprisingly fresh,
with layers of flavours ranging from almonds, grilled nuts and caramel. The balance between acidity, sugar and concentrated flavours lifts the mid-palate through a
remarkable fresh, polished and long aromatic finish. Excellent.

Winemakers Notes
The Spring of 2004 was dry and sunny and that gave us a good quantity of grapes on the vines.
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Colheita Port
Sensational with almond tarts!

The 2000 Quevedo colheita port is an amazing value/quality port from an exceptional vintage. With a bright tawny colour and vivid terracotta highlights this brilliant single harvest tawny continues to charm on the nose with ripe cherries and dried raspberries combined with subtle notes of almonds and little hints of caramel. On the palate it is fresh, rich and powerful with a long chocolate finish. This is a Colheita that will age well in bottle.

Pair this luscious sweet port with almond tarts or caramel and chocolate based desserts. Crème brûlée is a classic combination as is Stilton cheese.
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20 Year Old Tawny port

*** 90 Points - Decanter ***

This 20 Year Old tawny port from Quevedo has a Brick red centre with a tawny rim. Fresh, youthful fruit-driven style, showing summer fruit. Quite, soft and delicate initially with superb persistence and breadth. Mellifluous length. Richard Mayson - Decanter

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Quevedo, 1996

Colheita Port

*** 92 Points Mark Squires - Wine Advocate ***

Scoring an outstanding 92 Points Oscar and Claudia Quevedo have produced a gem of a 1996 Colhieta. The nose offers secondary nuances including caramel apple, maple, toffee, and pralines. On the palate it delivers lots of subtlety, is blessed with plenty of acidity and the finish is long and infused with nuts and caramelised flavours.

"The 1996 Colheita Port is a tawny bottled in 2013 with 114 grams per liter of residual sugar. Mostly a blend of the big three (Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz), this has 114 grams per liter of residual sugar.
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Quevedo, 1992

Colheita Port

*** 90 Points, Roy Hersh - For the Love of Port ***

The 1992 Quevedo Colheita is an outstanding quality and value effort from this family-run estate. Oscar and Claudia Quevedo have produced a light brown port with hints of amber. On the palate there are nuts and a lovely light molasses note with coffe and spices The finish is long and lingering as befits a quality port such as this. Outstanding!

"This was a cask sample which Oscar Quevedo had sent to me by way of Vinologia and how often do you get to try 16 year old bottled cask samples of any wine? I can't begin to describe the color as we sat beneath the bridge on the Porto side, sipping and talking during the wee hours our first night in country (Andy/ Stewart/Roy).
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Quevedo, 1980

40 Year Old Tawny port

*** 94 pts Robert Parker ***

This 40 Year Old tawny port from Quevedo... has a colour of golden amber with green hints. Huge complexity of aromas, from nuts, to sweet dried fruits and at a certain point, it smells like honeycomb. On the palate it is thick and intense, with the dried fruit coming along and it never finishes.
Robert parker - Wine Advocate

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Quevedo, Non Vintage


Special White Reserve Port in Presentation Ships Decanter
Special Offer | Was £42.95 | Now 34.95

A great value port gift! The Quevedo Special Reserve White is a fortified wine from Port produced by Quevedo from their six vineyards. It has been matured in oak for around eight years to give it a lovely deep golden colour of light straw. Sweet flavour that is similar to honey. White fruit nuances that resemble pear or apple jam. On the mouth it has a fruity intensity, with a great balance between acidity and sweetness. Full and structured finish.

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Special Tawny Reserve

The Quevedo Special Reserve Tawny is a fortified wine from Port produced by Quevedo from the best of tinta roriz, touriga nacional, tinta barroca, touriga franca and tinto cão grapes. It has been matured in oak for around eight years to give it a lovely deep tawny colour and a nutty, caramel taste.

Tasting Notes
"Tawny garnet colour with bricking on a wide rim. Intoxicating scents of red fruits, licorice, toffee and a backdrop of cocoa play gently across the nose. Medium weight and bolstered by crisp acidity and warming spirit which melds with red wild berries, almond and spicy cinnamon flavors, ending with a long crescendo.
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