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Graham's Port, 1924

Vintage Port, in neck, unlabelled

Graham’s Port was founded in 1820 by Scottish brothers William and John Graham in Oporto, Portugal. The brothers, who already came from a successful entrepreneurial family, dedicated themselves to producing a line of fine vintage Ports. In 1890, they became one of the first Port quintas (estates) to source fruit from the upper Douro Valley and established the property Quinta dos Malvedos. The quality of the grapes from this vineyard is a major contribution to the finesse of their Ports. In that same year, the brothers opened the Graham’s Lodge in Vila Nova di Gaia, to store and showcase the wines.
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Ramos Pinto, 1924

Vintage Port

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Sandeman Vintage Port, 1924

Vintage Port Uk Bottled

Rare 1924 vintage from Sandeman.

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Taylor's Port, 1924

Vintage Port - In neck
Unlabelled ID from cork. Excellent provenance Level Very Top Shoulder.

‘Just a notch deeper in colour than the 1912. The nose is divine: intense, beautifully defined, very Taylor’s. Quite spicy, dried orange peel, cigar box, a touch of sandalwood. Gains perfume in the glass but after 30 minutes has gone back into its shell. The palate is full-bodied, very concentrated, more viscous than the 1912. Notes of ginger, apricot, fig, licorice. Lovely ripe orange-tinged finish that goes on and on. Very sensuous; beautiful poise on the fruit.’
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