Kopke Port, 1937

Colheita Port, Single Harvest port (includes Kopke box as illustrated)

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An outstanding 1937 Single Harvest Colheita port.

This port has a bright amber colour with a brown-tawny halo. Elegant nose of dried fruits, well integrated with wood notes. Light and fragrant, with wonderful volume and structure. A wine with great freshness and multi-dimensional flavours. Delicate and persistent finish.

Colheita, or single harvest ports, are aged in the barrel. This is a contrast to vintage ports which are aged in the bottle and only have a short drinking window after opening. Colheita ports have had air working on them through the cask during all the years of aging, giving them a open-life of a month or longer. Lighter and more delicate than vintage ports, the colheita ports are a great pleasure to the novice or experienced port drinker.

*Bottled in 2014

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Colheita (Single Harvest) Port, Vintage Port


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