Kopke Port, 1940

Kopke Special Edition 375th anniversary

Description and Reviews:
Kopke Port is the oldest port house. Established in 1638 by Nicolau Kopke and his son Cristiano, who came to Portugal as representatives of the Hanseatic League, the House has been run through the generations by several representatives of the Kopke family, obtaining an excellent reputation for its wines.

Celebrating the 375th anniversary of the Oldest Port Wine House established in 1638. Kopke's undisputed antiquity is evidenced by a certificate issued in 1940 by the Trade Associations of Oporto and Lisbon recognizing it formally as the oldest port wine company.

Now released is an ultra-limited and numbered edition of a Tawny Port Wine, Colheita category from 1940 that has rested for more than seventy years in the the barrel No. 10053, ageing and improving it's essence under the watchful eye of the Oenology team. It aged in this small 580 Litre Oak barrel during 73 years of careful attention.

It is one of the greatest Colheita Wines of the Kopke's coveted Colheita collection and is now in the splendour of life after more than seven decades in wood. It surprises for its balanced evolution, its pure elegance, smoothness in the mouth while standing out for its freshness and incredible energy. Perfect to drink alone, with a cigar, or to brighten a pleasant meal. It pairs beautifully with starters (cheese and pates) and chocolate, nuts, vanilla and caramel desserts. The experience will marvel your senses if served slightly chilled (12-14 deg C).

In the year the world witnessed one of the greatest events in history World War II - this 1940 Kopke Colheita Port is born. It has stood the test of time and survived the convulsion, quietly improving its state of unconditional perfection. Now becoming the culmination of almost four centuries of handmade excellence with traditions passed over generations that have inspired knowledge and innovation.

It has been bottled especially for this occasion, ensuring it's vibrant character, freshness and remarkable complexity. 375 numbered bottles have been produced in absolutely exclusive packaging that shows the unique and special character of this edition. It is faithful to the brand positioning enhancing its uniqueness, art, detail and peculiarity.

Each comes in a Premium Case of Palo Santo wood with varnish finish. Interior in black leather mining stamped with gold. The bottle cradle is in black flock-lined velvet. Included is a copy of the certificate of "The Oldest Port Wine House".

*Bottled in 2013

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excellent in box as shown

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Colheita (Single Harvest) Port, Vintage Port


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