1970 Quevedo Single Harvest White Port, 1970

1970 Very Old White Single harvest Tawny Port
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1970 Quevedo White Port. This is a true rarity as very little white port was made and only a small fraction was released. Tasted from cask at Quevedo's cellars from a family barrel, this is a beautiful port of outstanding quality. The colour is dark amber, nose of mature fruit, hazelnuts with a touch of caramel and nutmeg. On the palate there is a great balance of acidity and sweetness. This is a drier style of Port that I find really refreshing, especially when served slightly chilled. This port has a finish that is endless. 98/100 VWP Tasting from cask feb 2020.

*** 95 Points Mark Squires - Wine Advocate Apr 2021 ****
The NV Very Old White Port "Celebration" was bottled in 2019. It comes with a nice wooden box that announces an age of 50 years—although that's not on the label. The winery calls this their "Celebration" Porto, although that's not on the label as a title either, but it is on the box. Plus, it's actually a 1970 Colheita White Port (also not on the label) because "at the time we were not a Port merchant, we were not allowed to certify it as a 1970 White Port." It is a field blend that comes in with 104 grams of residual sugar and 21.5% alcohol. It was bottled with a long cork.

So, let's get to this 1970 White Colheita that may not speak its name. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right? Fresh, light and bright, this elegant Porto dances across the tongue, seeming lively and refreshing. The underlying complexity eventually shows up, and there's a tawny-like touch of caramel. The beautiful acidity, though, is the selling point here. There's tension on the juicy and delicious finish. It is always refreshing, a white that retains its character as a white rather than becoming a tawny wannabe. There's a hint of spirits here and there, but it handles it well. Focused and still a prime-time wine that seems very youthful, this is in great shape. It was notably better a couple of days later. There were just 666 bottles produced.

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White Port, Vintage Port


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