Fladgate Vintage Port Presentation Case, 2016

Fladgate Vintage Port Presentation Case , 2016

Vintage Port Collection (3x75cl)
2016 Taylor's + 2016 Fonseca + 2016 croft in presentation box

Description and Reviews:
These 2016 Vintage Port Wines from Taylor's, Fonseca and Croft; three excellent wines from the highly esteemed 2016 vintage. Presented in a bespoke wooden box and featuring:

Taylor; often the most intellectually satisfying of all of the Vintage Ports and one with the greatest ageing potential.
Croft; whose wines of the 40's and 50's (1945 and 1955 for example) are the stuff of legend.
And Fonseca; where violets, black tea and cassis dominate the aromas, followed by trademark sweetness and tannic elegance on the palate, this mixed case highlights the success of this recently declared vintage.

Condition Report:

excellent 3x75

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Drink Type:

Port, Vintage Port


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