Calem Port, 1992

Quinta da Foz Vintage Port
In Calem presentation box

Description and Reviews:
This 1992 Vintage Port from Calem has outstanding provenance! This bottle has been stored at the Calem cellars on Porto since bottling.

The 1992 Calem Quinta da Foz is a beautiful tawny colour indicating maturity. On the nose it has chocolate and creme caramel together with a candied notes. On the palate this is quite complex - medium bodied with well integrated, tannins. A little sweeter than some ports but showing well. Long, long finish. This is in a good place and should hold well for the next decade or so. (VWP note - tasting May 2019)

Condition Report:

Excellent - Excellent provenance

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Drink Type:

Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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