Churchill's Port

20 Year Old tawny port 50cl bottle

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Churchill's 20 Years Old Tawny Port is an expression of Douro terroir, combined with delicate ageing in seasoned oak casks. The result of this combination is a port full of finesse that retains Churchill's characteristic fresh identity.

Compared to other Port Wine shippers, most of which were established around the turn of the18th/19th centuries, Churchill’s history is short. Johnny Graham founded Churchill’s, (named after his wife’s maiden name) in 1981, making it the first British port company to be established in fifty years. The grapes are hand-picked and processed into ancient granite lagares, where they are trodden by foot while fermentation naturally occurs. After fortification by grape spirit, the wine is aged for approximately ten years in seasoned oak casks.

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20 Year Tawny Port, Vintage Port


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