Cockburn Port, 1935

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Vintage Port, DOC Douro
Good Fill Level
Excellent Provenance

Description and Reviews:
This bottle of port was acquired from Shepherd Neame Brewery. Where it had been cellared since original purchase in 1937/38.

The 1935 Cockburn Vintage Port is a legendary wine from the Douro Valley in Portugal. Cockburn's is one of the oldest port houses, with a history dating back to 1815.
The 1935 vintage is highly sought after by collectors and wine enthusiasts. It is known for its remarkable aging potential, complex flavours, and deep, rich character.

The Cockburn's Port House, one of the most distinguished names in the Port wine industry, has a rich and storied history. Here's an overview:

Early History:
1815: The Cockburn family, of Scottish descent, established their Port wine business in Portugal. They quickly gained recognition for the quality of their wines.
Expansion and Growth:
19th Century: Cockburn's expanded its vineyard holdings and began exporting its Ports worldwide. The company's reputation for producing exceptional Ports continued to grow.
Mid-19th Century: Under the leadership of John Smithes Cockburn, the company made significant innovations in winemaking techniques, particularly in the area of blending and aging.
The 20th Century:
1905: The company was acquired by Frank H. Gordon.
1929: Cockburn's was sold to Harvey's of Bristol.
1962: Harvey's merged with John E. Fells & Sons to form Harvey's of Bristol and John E. Fells.
1969: Harvey's was acquired by the Gilbeys group (which eventually became part of Diageo).
2010: The Symington Family Estates acquired Cockburn's.
Present Day:
Symington Family Estates: Today, Cockburn's is owned by Symington Family Estates, one of the leading Port producers in Portugal.
Renowned Reputation: Cockburn's is celebrated for its exceptional Vintage Ports, particularly those from legendary vintages like 1908, 1927, 1947, and 1963.
The history of Cockburn's is not just a tale of longevity but one of consistent quality, innovation, and adaptation to the changing demands of the market. It's a story that reflects the rich history of Port wine itself.

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Top Shoulder or better
Provenance- Sheperd Neame

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Vintage Port, Port, Douro


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