Croft Port, 2012

Croft Port, 2012

Quinta de Roeda HALF BOTTLE 37.5 cl

Description and Reviews:
The 2012 Croft Vintage Port Wine has a dense ruby black core surrounded by a purple red rim. The nose is true to the Roeda style, a luscious fruitiness combined with the resiny, musky redolence of wild herbs and gum cistus. However, the year with its typical purity and finesse has placed this finely constituted wine at the elegant and subtle end of the Roeda spectrum. Blended with the typically jammy fruit are fresher notes of raspberry and apricot and the palate is lifted by a crisp acidity and supported by a dense warp of firm sinewy tannins. Slightly more restrained and clearly delineated than some Roeda vintages, the wine nevertheless displays the seductive ripe fruitiness which is the hallmark of this great historic estate.

Review: "Deep purple and classic Croft in its purple palate prose, with an almost raw concentration of sappy, powdered cassis and black cherry and elegant lift of violets to the finish. It has just a hint of balancing green coffee bean and bitter chocolate to balance its sweetness. Youthfully, fruitily effusive. Very good." Sarah Ahmed, Wine Detective (online)

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Excellent -

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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