Croft Port, 2017

Vintage Port
(1 x 37.5cl- HALF bottle)

Description and Reviews:
*** 17.5/20 - Jancis ***
*** 94/100 - Vinous ***
*** 19/20 - Richard Mayson ***

Tasting Note
Dense inky core fading to a magenta rim. A seductive Croft nose, ripe and voluptuous but with the depth and density characteristic of the 2017 vintage. As usual, plump, juicy blackcurrant, black cherry and raspberry form the backdrop. However, the nose is soon drawn into a vortex of heady, complex aroma in which resiny scents of eucalyptus and gumcistus blend with pungent notes of sage and mint, fresh hints of grapefruit and a mellow spiciness. On the palate, firm, sinewy tannins are wrapped in a thick envelope of dense, velvety texture. As is often the case, this is one of the most exotic and beguiling wines of the vintage. However, it is also a weighty wine, dense and deeply coloured, with the concentration and stamina to ensure a long life in bottle. One of the finest Croft Vintages of recent years.

Condition Report:

Excellent condition

Bottle size:

1 x 37.5cl



Drink Type:

Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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