D'Oliveiras Madeira, 1980

 D'Oliveiras Madeira, 1980

Boal Madeira

Description and Reviews:
The founders of D’Oliveiras were visionaries that saw the true value of Madeira Wine: its ability to improve over time. D’Oliveiras is the only Madeira Wine company that owns Madeira Wine bottles and barrels from as far as the 1850’s that can still be commercially purchased. Bottled and painted by hand, this 1980 Boal Madeira has been aged for more than 40 years in old French oak barrels in the 17th century wine lodge in the heart of old Funchal.

Tasting Note: Medium orange amber color with 1 millimeter clear meniscus; appealing, light coffee, almond, reminiscent of Moroccan bastilla on the nose with a hint of passion fruit; tight, silky textured, tasty, balanced, rounded, tart orange, tart passion fruit palate with a vague sense of light salt; long finish.

Boal is ideal to accompany cheese and fruit or fruit preserves. It is the main choice in Madeira to accompany a cheese board, which will often be accompanied with sweet fruit preserves. Boal will also work very well with dark rich chocolate with a cocoa count of 75% or more.

Madeira is a complex, interesting wine and is made in virtually every vintage. Due to the unique estufagem aging process Madeira is one of the longest-lived wines and also improves for days after opening, but will keep, once opened, for a month and more in a decanter.

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Madeira Wine, Madeira


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