D'Oliveiras Madeira, 1996

D'Oliveiras Madeira, 1996


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***Gold Medal-Concours Mondial Bruxelles***
*** 17/20 Jancis Robinson ***

"Ochre/walnut-skin colour. Complex mix of sweetness and bitter mocha. Very sweet and still so fresh. Like liquidised raisins and orange peel in dark caramel." Jancis Robinson

Madeira is made on the volcanic island of the same name situated in the Atlantic ocean some 400 miles off the North Africa coast. The sub-tropical island was discovered in 1419 by Portuguese word for wood or timber. In 1807, John Blandy was posted to the island as part of the British Army garrison sent to Madeira to thwart any invasion attempt by Napoleons forces. He returned and settled on the island in 1811 establishing himself in the wine trade.

This medium-dry, amber-tinged Madeira, has keen acidity and a long and mellow finish, with a certain delicacy.

*Bottled in 2015

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Madeira , Madeira


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