Fonseca Port, 1973

Crusted Port - Bottled in 1973

Description and Reviews:
A very rare bottle of 1973 crusted port.

Crusted Port is a very small category, named because of the 'crust' of sediment that it forms in the bottle. Invented by the British-owned Port houses predominantly for the British Port drinker, it is intended to be a more economical alternative to Vintage or Late Bottled Vintage. Crusted is a blend of several harvests, which are bottled without being filtered and laid down to mature like Vintage wines. Using this approach allows the manufacturer to use some of the lesser harvests but still produce a good rich full bodied wine at an economical price. Usually a year is stated on the label which, because the wine was made from a blend of harvests, is the year in which the wine was bottled.

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Good condition

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Crusted Port, Vintage Port


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