Graham's Port, 1994

Vintage Port
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Symington Family Estates. are delighted to announce the Library Release of the iconic 1994 Graham’s, Dow's and Warre’s Vintage Ports.

The 1994 Vintage Ports are considered to be some of the finest Vintage Ports produced in the second half of the twentieth century. After 25 years ageing in perfect conditions in the Symington cellars, in Vila Nova de Gaia, these wines have developed a wonderful maturity. The The Graham’s is rich and complex with a beautiful elegance. These wines have a bright acidity indicating a long life ahead of them. Each bottle also has the wording ‘Matured in our Cellars’ indicated on the label to confirm its impeccable provenance.

One of the classic Graham’s Vintage Ports of the twentieth century and certainly one of the very finest of the post-World War II era. Since it was bottled in 1996, the wine has remained undisturbed in the vintage cellars at the Graham’s Lodge where the ageing conditions are perfect. Now with 25 years of bottle age, the Symington family have decided to re-release limited quantities of Graham’s 1994 at an exciting period in the wine’s life. It is beautifully elegant today but will continue to develop with time.

Tasting Note
Surprisingly darker in colour than expected for a close to three-decades old wine. Gorgeous, intense aromas of dark fruits and a hint of mint, as well as fruitcake notes. Typically, Graham’s on the palate: rich and complex with sumptuous flavours of blackberries and some background chocolate and mocha notes. The palate is silky and opulent, reflecting the elegance and balance that comes with long bottle- ageing. A shaft of acidity illuminates the wine, pointing to further ageing potential. Supremely pleasurable for drinking now.
Symington tasting room, September 2021

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Library release

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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