Kopke, 1994

Vintage Port

Description and Reviews:
This superb 1994 Vintage Port made by Kopke shows aromas of red fruit and candy floss notes. On the palate, caramel and damson jam notes lead to a long finish with layers of eucalyptus, dark chocolate and jammy dark fruit.

Serving and Food pairing
Vintage Ports are best served slightly below modern room temperature: 16° to 18° C. This is the kind of wine that can be enjoyed now or aged even further to allow its flavors to develop and evolve over time. Whether you're sipping it on its own or pairing it with a rich dessert like chocolate mousse or a selection of aged cheeses, a vintage port is sure to be a memorable experience.

Kopke is one of the oldest port wine houses in Portugal and is renowned for its high-quality fortified wines. Established in 1638 by Cristiano Köpke, a German diplomat, Kopke has a long history of producing exceptional port wines. Kopke is particularly known for its Colheita Ports, which are single vintage tawny ports aged in oak barrels for a minimum of seven years before bottling. These ports offer a unique expression of a single vintage and are highly prized by port wine enthusiasts. The house also produces a range of other port styles, including vintage ports, white ports, and aged tawnies. Kopke's ports are celebrated for their elegance, complexity, and longevity, making them a favorite among collectors and connoisseurs.

How to store your Vintage Port
Vintage Port, like all fine wines, prefers to remain undisturbed, lying on its side in a dark and at least slightly humid place at a stable temperature of between 10°C and 14°C to mature properly.

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Vintage Port, Port, Douro


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