50 Year White Port
Half Bottle 37.5cl
***Award Winning - 97 Points- PLATINUM - Decanter 2024***

Description and Reviews:
The Kopke 50 Year Old White Port is a rare and exceptional wine, representing the pinnacle of aged white port production.

Tasting Notes
This 50 Year Old White Port from Kopke is a complex and aromatic wine with notes of dried stone fruit, tobacco box, dried white plums, walnuts and vanilla spice. The palate is opulent and velvety, with saline notes, a well-balanced sweetness and refreshing acidity. This elegant and complex wine is perfect for special occasions and contemplative sipping.

Serving & Food Pairing:
White Ports are ready to drink and do not require decanting. Best enjoyed chilled at 12-13ºC on its own as an aperitif, or paired with rich starters such as mushroom risotto. With a freshness beyond age, White Port is also ideal with crème brulee or a spicy apple crumble.

Kopke is one of the oldest port wine houses in Portugal and is renowned for its high-quality fortified wines. Established in 1638 by Cristiano Köpke, a German diplomat, Kopke has a long history of producing exceptional port wines. Kopke is particularly known for its Colheita Ports, which are single vintage tawny ports aged in oak barrels for a minimum of seven years before bottling. These ports offer a unique expression of a single vintage and are highly prized by port wine enthusiasts. The house also produces a range of other port styles, including vintage ports, white ports, and aged tawnies. Kopke's ports are celebrated for their elegance, complexity, and longevity, making them a favorite among collectors and connoisseurs.

How to store your White Port:
The bottle should be kept upright and protected from direct sunlight and heat.

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Condition Report:

New - Excellent - please note that 50 years refers to the average age of the contents. this is a blend of multiple vintages to achieve a constant house style. This is included under the vintage as many customers like these bottles to celebrate a 50 years anniversary.

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White Port, Port, Douro


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