Kopke Port, 1985

Kopke Port, 1985

Vintage Port

Description and Reviews:
A very rare bottle of Kopke VP. This is one of those noses where you can keep going back and finding things you think it smells like. I really like that. A bit punchy initially with it's alcohol, the finish is where this wine really shines. Starts off as fresh popcorn, turning hazelnuts and honey, then granola and brown sugar..... off into a 40-second long finish with various evolution in which I am sure different people would find different things. Truly delicious. This wine is very, very good. I love it when a wine forces you to think about it, and this does just that. Captivating, complex, intense and delicious.

Condition Report:

Good level and label

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Drink Type:

Port, Vintage Port


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