Madeira, 1895

Araujo - Malvasia - bott. Barbeito, Madeira

Description and Reviews:
This is a rare and limited release of the 1895 Madeira from the Araujo family cellars. The bottles are in perfect condition. There is something ethereal about tasting such a rare vintage. The 1895 Malvasia is very sweet as one would expect from this style of Madeira. The Malvasia grapes which produce Malmsey are typically grown in warm coastal locations at low altitude, particularly at Câmara de Lobos, whose name (meaning 'the chamber of wolves') belies its status as a peaceful fishing village. The grape variety retains its acidity as it develops sugar, and as a consequence, Madeira Malvasia wines are some of the most long-lived in the world. An electric wine that is astonishingly refreshing. Massive finish that goes on and on.

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Good conditions

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Madeira Wine, Madeira


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