Maynard's Port

50 Year Old Tawny Port
Presented in Maynards Decanter
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Description and Reviews:
The Maynard's 50 year old tawny is our latest addition to our 50 year old Port line-up. Maynard's is renowned for its excellent quality at outstanding value and this 50 year old gem is no exception! This is also a UK exclusive for VWP.

Named after the first established English Port wine shipper in Oporto, Walter Maynard, this aged Port has been blended from historic stocks of tawny Port to give an average age of 50 years and is released under the new 50 year old tawny Port category.

Presented in a decanter, this is a powerful port with complex nuttiness aromas in harmony with spicy notes, warm roasted coffee and cinnamon hints from the long contact with oak wood during the ageing process.

Tasting Notes
The Maynard's 50 year old tawny Port has a concentrated, dark-tawny colour with green hues and with an intense and extremely compact scent of aged aromas with toasted tannins, walnuts, citrus, dried bergamot, toasted powdered sugar, Christmas cloves and the unique balance between sweetness and balsamic acidity. A meditative beauty and mentally stress-relieving time travel, which only time can conjure up through many decades of slow oxidative maturation in old casks, put together by the cellar's oldest wines.

Should be enjoyed chilled in large white wine glasses, but not fridge-cold and can stay pretty much on top for a few weeks after opening, if you can keep it in the bottle!

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New- Presented in Decanter

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Tawny Port, Port, Douro


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