Messias, 2018

Vintage Port, DOC Douro

Description and Reviews:
Tasting Notes The 2018 Messias has a deep purple colour. Aroma of ripe red fruits, floral fragrances and fresh notes of marjoram, mint and basil. The port is slightly drier than the traditional English shippers and may be a little more approachable to those new to Port wines. Good palate of cherries, liquorice, a moderate hit of alcohol with substantive fruit.

Serving Tips & Storage When mature this port will need to be decanted to remove sediment. Serve at room temperature on its own or with steak and blue cheese sauce or vintage mature blue cheeses such as stilton Cashel Blue, Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Saint Augur Blue. Vintage port is also good with chocolate - a flattering accompaniment to top quality hand-made chocolates and artisan chocolate bars. Please store on its side in a cool dark space away from heat and light. Drink from 2025-2050+.

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Excellent condition

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Vintage Port, Portugal


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