Niepoort Port, 1912

Colheita Port

Description and Reviews:
"This brings back a fond memory of a long lost friend, Paul Napolitano from NY. He once opened this identical Port for me years ago at his home and at the time, it was the finest Colheita I had experienced, as well as the oldest. This one was bottled in 1976 or 1977. A piece is torn off the label and makes it impossible to be certain. Dark coffee color with a greenish edge. Is this Madeira? A nose of bouillon cube, scents of sea breeze and toffee, reminiscent of a Malvasia and the richness and supple spine live up to that mindset. The palate is packed with copious caramel and fig flavors along with prunes and toffee intricately woven into a neat little package. Intense and unctuous layers unfold into one of the most decadent Colheitas of the weekend. I loved this one and the finish is absolutely sick. How can anyone question whether these improve in bottle? 97+ points"

Condition Report:

Excellent for year

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Colheita (Single Harvest) Port, Vintage Port


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