Niepoort Port, 1912

Colheita Port, DOC Douro

Description and Reviews:
"This brings back a fond memory of a long lost friend, Paul Napolitano from NY. He once opened this identical Port for me years ago at his home and at the time, it was the finest Colheita I had experienced, as well as the oldest. This one was bottled in 1976 or 1977. A piece is torn off the label and makes it impossible to be certain. Dark coffee color with a greenish edge. Is this Madeira? A nose of bouillon cube, scents of sea breeze and toffee, reminiscent of a Malvasia and the richness and supple spine live up to that mindset. The palate is packed with copious caramel and fig flavors along with prunes and toffee intricately woven into a neat little package. Intense and unctuous layers unfold into one of the most decadent Colheitas of the weekend. I loved this one and the finish is absolutely sick. How can anyone question whether these improve in bottle? 97+ points"

Colheita Port Storage and Serving Advice:
Colheita Port should be stored in a cool and dry place, sheltered from light and temperature fluctuations, and the bottle should remain in an upright position. If stored correctly, Colheita Ports will keep for decades in the bottle. Over time, it is natural that a little sediment will form at the bottom of a bottle of colheita Port wine. Once opened colheita Port should be stored in a fridge and should be consumed within 3 months. Colheita Ports do not require decanting and are best served at a temperature between 14 and 16°C.

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Excellent for year

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Colheita Port, Portugal


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