Niepoort Port, 1940

Garrafeira Port, DOC Douro

Description and Reviews:
A very rare bottle of 1940 Niepoort Garrafeira Port Bottled 1945 - Decanted 1970.

Stored undergound at constant temperature for several decades in a private cellar.
A unique masterpiece from Niepoort.

Currently, Niepoort is the only Port house which produces Garrafeira-style Ports.

The second generation of the Niepoort family, in the late 19th century, had the fortunate idea of buying from a german glass factory in Oldenburg about 4000 glass balloons (in the form of old apothecary bottles) of dark-green glass with varying capacities from 8 to 11 litres. Eduard Marius van der Niepoort, Dirk’s grandfather, gave purpose to the demijohns by bottling the best wines of the 1931 harvest, thus creating the type “Garrafeira Niepoort”. Garrafeira is not just a wine; it means by itself quality far above the traditional canons. On the taste reveals a great mixture of sensations, aromas and flavours with a perfect balance between youth and experience, between the novelty of the fruit and the “good old age” that only long years of ageing can achieve.

Tasting notes:
Very elegant and complex wine with an amber hue and greenish rim. Fragrant aroma of citrus fruit, candied fruit, honey and beeswax, nougat, slight rancid. Velvety and silky on the palate with a very fruity and spicy aftertaste, glycerate and enormous persistence. High volatile acidity. An absolute pleasure.

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Condition Report:

Good level
Label as pictured.

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Drink Type:

Vintage Port, Port, Douro


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