Niepoort Port, 2000

Secundum Vintage Port, Douro

Description and Reviews:
Dirk Niepoort has created this second style of vintage port called “Secundum Vintage”. The Secundum’s intention is to provide an approachable Vintage that offers immediate satisfaction yet is well-balanced enough to age for decades. So it is not a second wine, but instead an alternative, slightly more affordable bottling for Niepoort fans who can’t afford or obtain the regular Vintage Port. It’s a proper Vintage Port, but from wines considered not classic enough to be a Vintage Niepoort. The 2000 vintage has a slightly sweet herbal edge to the nose. Rich, full flavoured palate shows sweet fruit with a chunky, spicy edge. Delicious. but a little muted; a sweet herbal style.

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Good appearance and level

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Vintage Port, Portugal


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