Niepoort Port, 2016

Bioma Vinha Velha, DOC Douro 1 x 75cl Bottle

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This 2016 Vintage Port Wine from Dirk Niepoort has bucked the trend by not offering a 'Standard' 2016 Vintage Port. He has chosen to release a 2016 Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha. This is his single vineyard release from his ancient and emblematic Pisca vineyard.

The Pisca vineyard has always played an important part in making Niepoort vintage port, and used to be blended entirely in. Most of the vines in Pisca (a field blend of the classic port varieties, and a few wild cards) exceed 80 years in age. All the components for the 2016 Bioma Vinha Velha Vintage Porto were trodden by foot in circular granite lagares at the Vale de Mendiz Port winery. 100% stems were included in the vinification. Once the wines had been racked and fortified, they remained in the Douro, ageing in traditional pipas in the cool cellars at Quinta de Napoles. This wine requires a different ageing time-frame to other Vintage Portos, and will be bottled and released to the market in the spring of 2019.

I was able to taste from a cask sample in July. I was struck by an immense floral perfume of violets and some roses. as well as black fruits. On the palate there is a nice structure and mouthfeel as well as intense fruit good acidity and fine tannins. This is certainly built to last and it will be interesting to follow the evolution over following years.

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Vintage Port, Portugal


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