Pocas, 2018

Vintage Port, DOC Douro
Special Collectors Edition

Description and Reviews:
Poças Vintage 2018 is the most pure and perfect translation of how special this year was, and still is, for the Poças family, as they celebrated their first 100 years! This wine symbolizes the memories, stories and strong relationships that are integral to a successful family business. They are the reason why family businesses succeed over so many generations. This Special Collector’s Edition Vintage Port, with a unique design, carries the names of the family and long-standing friends and clients, who participated in the collaborative “lagarada” celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company.

Ruby colour. Good aromatic intensity. Notes of ripe fruit. Good freshness and balance, with pronounced tannin and ripe red fruit.

Condition Report:

Excellent- Collector's Edition

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Vintage Port, Portugal


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