Quevedo, 2003

Colheita Port, Douro
****92 Points - Wine Advocate***
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Description and Reviews:
Despite the challenges of scorching, arid conditions, this captivating Colheita 2003 from our friends at Quevedo triumphs. Its exceptionally rich nose and youthful character on the palate deliver a refreshing, vibrant taste. It boasts rich aromas of ripe plum and luscious figs with a subtle hint of floral notes. Candied fruit flavours dominate the palate, with a touch of spiciness and a satisfying finish. Indulge in its unforgettable experience, promising to delight the senses with every sip.

Winemakers Notes

Medium saturation, brick-ruby color

The nose of this wine is notably rich, with distinct aromas of ripe plum and luscious figs dominating the forefront. A subtle hint of floral notes adds a delightful touch, complementing the wine's overall bouquet.

With its youthful character, this Port wine presents a refreshing and vibrant taste. The initial flavor is that of succulent candied fruit, particularly candied cherries, which tantalize the palate. As you progress to the mid-palate, the wine's tight structure becomes more apparent, marked by a robust presence of tannins and a hint of spiciness. The wine concludes with a return to its candied fruit notes, providing a satisfying conclusion to this delightful drinking experience.

Colheita Port Storage and Serving Advice:
Colheita Port should be stored in a cool and dry place, sheltered from light and temperature fluctuations, and the bottle should remain in an upright position. If stored correctly, Colheita Ports will keep for decades in the bottle. Over time, it is natural that a little sediment will form at the bottom of a bottle of colheita Port wine. Once opened colheita Port should be stored in a fridge and should be consumed within 3 months. Best served at a temperature between 14 and 16°C.

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Colheita Port, Port, Douro


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