Quevedo, 2018

Vintage Port, DOC Douro
94 Points - Robert Parker- Wine Advocate

Description and Reviews:
2018 Vintage Port from Quevedo: A very limited quantity was produced with the best grapes of the 2018 harvest. Bottled 2 years after the harvest, the Vintage Port will keep developing inside the bottle and your patience will be rewarded after a few decades.

2018 was a roller-coaster of a year with an exceptionally wet spring followed by a summer punctuated by heatwaves. Whilst not a general declaration, the ports we have tasted are excellent. Quevedo, who have several prime vineyards, each with their own micro-climate, were able to select the best grapes to blend into their vintage and the result is a port worthy of its declaration.

Tasting Notes:
The 2018 Quevedo Vintage port is big and bold on the palate with tons of opulent black fruit. There is liquorice and bright fresh fruit complimented by tannins and peppery spice. Rich with good acidity. A well structured wine.

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Vintage Port, Port, Douro


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