Quinta de la Rosa, 1995


Quinta de la Rosa, 1995

Vintage Port

Description and Reviews:
1995 followed a very cold and wet previous year and consequently with more equable temperatures the vines had the opportunity to recover their strength and produce well matured and even sugar levels this year of between 13º and 14º Beaumé.

Weather patterns at the Quinta during 1995 gave a mild winter and spring. Bunches , when formed, matured evenly and when the Quinta started vintaging on September 11th we were as usual careful to choose the most forward vineyards for immediate picking to ensure the highest sugar content. This attention to detail has paid off.

La Rosa is a vertically integrated Quinta rising to 450 metres above sea level, boasting many hidden micro climates within its cirtilage. Where possible we vintage and mature these small 'lotes' separately in order to achieve the maximum complexity in the finished ports, which would not have been possible from a less diversely planted property.

In 1995 we have identified these wines and have declared as Vintage quality only a limited quantity of the best of the Quinta's production. La Rosa's classic house style achieved by slow maceration in traditional granite 'Lagares' has produced a wine full of luscious forward fruit with a very attractive nose and a long velvety slightly drier finish across the palate. The La Rosa 1995 Vintage Port is more delicate and rounded than say the muscular 1992, and though likely to last as long, will come forward for drinking sooner. It has intense colour and is a nicely elegant and complex wine which will cellar well.

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excellent condition

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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