Quinta do Noval, 2018

Vintage Port

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Only 1800 cases of the Quinta do Noval 2018 were made. The UK (and our) allocation is tiny and so in order to ensure that as many customers benefit we are limiting our offer to a maximum of 1 case per customer. Because of the current crisis we are offering these delivered duty paid including VAT. The duty delivery and VAT are included in the price. If you have purchased from us in-bond in the past please contact us.

Noval has had a run of vintage port declarations in recent years and 2018 is no exception. Only 1600 cases have been produced from the 2018 harvest and quantities are tiny. Managing director Christian Selly offers his insight into the vintage: ‘Like 2017, 2018 was a year of low yields, but for different reasons. 2017 was a year of extreme drought, while 2018 was marked in the first part of the year by heavy rainfall. This meant that potential yields were naturally much reduced by the difficulties of the flowering period. Subsequently however, a long hot dry summer ensued. Water levels in the soil had been replenished, and the result of this excellent ripening period on a low yield is evident in the 2018 Vintage Port, which is magnificently ripe, profound and expressive.’

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1 x 75cl



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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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