Quinta do Noval Nacional, 2011

Quinta do Noval Nacional , 2011

Vintage Port

Description and Reviews:
The 2011 Vintage Port Wine from Quinta so Noval Nacional is "Fantastic: 'The legend lives'... "Could be better than the perfect 1994 and equal to the 1963.”
James Suckling gave the maximum score of ***100/100*** to the recent Quinta do Noval Vintage Nacional 2011!

“This wine is a mysterious phenomenon, a magical wine produced in extremely limited quantities and only in a few years each decade. It is the expression of a terroir and confirms something that is for me a deeply held belief. The Nacional is great because of the grapes and where they come from, not because of anything particular that we do. It has a unique personality, an extraordinary intensity and, even after many years of ageing, retains an astonishing youthfulness.” Christian Seely

“Very strong distinctive personality. Tannins powerful reserved and fine. Very intense long and concentrated fruits, explosive in the mouth, balanced and with great freshness. Brooding presence.”
António Agrellos, Technical Director - May 2013

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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