Ramos Pinto, 1970

Ramos Pinto Vintage Port
Bin soiled labels

Description and Reviews:
From the outstanding 1970 vintage, the Ramos Pinto is a beautiful port. Excellent colour with a little red. On the nose jammy strawberries, spice, a hint of pepper and liquorice. On the palate, so beautifully smooth and in great balance, red fruit some violets. A long long finish. This is a beautiful wine.

"Mature in appearance with a wide rose rim; 60% opaque but full of fine sediment. Delicious redcurrants on the nose, mature and sweet. Rounded and sweet on the palate with lots of sweet fruit but lacking a little acidity so feeling a touch flabby. Very sweet on the late palate, with lots of parma violets which appear on and dominate the aftertaste. The violet fruit flavours show all over the finish. " AHB The Port Forum

Condition Report:

Labels slightly bin soiled
Level- Very Top Shoulder or Better

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Drink Type:

Port, Port, Douro


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