Sandeman, 1935

Vintage Port, DOC Douro (OB)
Very Top Shoulder, Chipped embossed capsule.

Description and Reviews:
From the excellent 1935 Vintage, Bottled to commemorate George V Jubilee. The port is tawny with some red in colour. Showing little on the nose, perhaps some hints of concentrated redcurrant. Smooth and concentrated on entry; full bodied and with good weight. Blossoms beautifully in the mouth, develops and grows. Explodes on the aftertaste with huge fruit flavours dominating - mature and sweet. Incredible finish! An astonishing wine. After 5½ hours in the glass this had even developed hints of tannins!

Condition Report:

Good Stencils, chipped embossed capsule.
Very top Shoulder Level.

Bottle size:




Drink Type:

Vintage Port, Port, Douro


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