Warre's Vintage Port, 1970

Vintage Port
Berry Brothers Label

Description and Reviews:
“Very serious wine, still challenging, with almonds, figs and prunes, all dribbled with bittersweet chocolate. Warm and embracing…”.
Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecker , The Wall Street Journal 03/02/2006

“Gloriously vibrant wet violets nose. What a marvellous mouthful of sweet, voluptuous roses and raisins. Superb – and so youthful”.
Serena Sutcliffe , Sotheby’s Catalogue 17/07/2002

"…sweet, full-bodied, rich, almost too rich, yet not overpowering, with the perfect weight and balance I expect from Warre at its best."
Michael Broadbent , Vintage Wine 01/01/2002

Condition Report:

English Bottled - good level

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Drink Type:

Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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