1980 Warre's Vintage Port, 1980

1980 Warre's Vintage Port , 1980

Vintage Port
Exceptional provenance | Warre's library stock release.

Description and Reviews:
These bottles have been stored in the Warre's cellars in Oporto until recently released. They are in perfect condition.

This 1980 Warre Vintage Port is an outstanding port just reaching full maturity. Reviews: Wine Spectator, October 1988 “Excellent Port from an overlooked vintage”. Malcolm Gluck, The Guardian, 23rd December 1995 “Overwhelmingly fruity and flowing. Beautiful, round and smooth. Quite exceptional”. WINE, December 2001 93 Points “The best colour thus far with a rich peppery nose and a meaty, complex long finish. Excellent”. Michael Broadbent, Vintage Wine, Published 2002 Four Stars (Very Good) “Best wine of the evening…Still very deep; fragrant; extraordinarily dense, figgy flavour and impressive, very dry finish”.

Condition Report:

Good level and label

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Vintage Port, Vintage Port


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