Ullage (Level of Wine)

For Bordeaux, Port and other wines in bottles with defined shoulders the ullage/level is shown, if relevant, by its relevant position in the bottle. Our interpretations are as follows:

Diagram of bottle showing the following levels labelled, in descending order: bn. vts. ts. hs. ms. ls. bs.

u. - ullage/ullages (levels)

n. - within neck; the normal level of young wines

bn. - bottom neck; completely acceptable for any age of wine

vts. - very top shoulder; completely acceptable for any age of wine

ts. - top shoulder; usual level for wines over 15 years old

hs. - high shoulder; typical reduction through the cork, usually no problem

ms. - mid shoulder; usually some deterioration of the cork and therefore some variation

ls. - low shoulder; more variable

bs. - bottom shoulder; very variable, usually a rare or interesting wine