1954 Port Vintage Report

This year was a good vintage that is now very hard to find, and would make a perfect 70 year old wine gift for a birthday or anniversary. Not a declared year, this Vintage has been fully mature for many years - however if well cellared, the best 1954 port wines will be fine for years to come.

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Burmester, 1954

40 year and 30 year old Tawny-2x75cl
***Presented in our Double Leather Gift Box***

All 75cl Bottles. A wonderful gift for a 70th Birthday or Anniversary.

This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles of Rich Tawny Port:

Burmester 40 Year Old Tawny Port:
*** Gold Medal at the 2015 International Wine Challenge ***
Bright tawny colour, with greenish nuances. Presents a bouquet with intense aromas of dried fruits, delicate spices notes and a sweet touch of honey. In the taste it is full, unctuous and velvety. This wine overflows seduction and an enormous refinement. A feeling that is extended in the long and complex finish.

Burmester 30 Year Old Tawny Port:
This 30-year-old tawny from Burmester is our absolute favourite! Deep tawny colour with greenish hints.
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Harveys Port, 1954

Vintage Port (unlabelled with embossed capsules)

The 1954 Harveys' Vintage port is actually believed to be 1954 Grahams Malvedos. Grahams have indicated that the 1954 Malvedos Vintage was supplied exclusively to Harveys of Bristol in this year who bottled it under their own brand.

The 1954 still has a deep red colour and density. On the nose there is complex, lovely bouquet of spice, baked cherry, toffee and perhaps a hint of strawberry. Great mouth-feel with weight and density. Great balance between alcohol, tannin, acidity, touch of toffee. A beautiful wine with an ever-lasting finish. 96/100. Outstanding TC VWP tasting. Mar 20.
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Offley Vintage Port, 1954

Vintage Port

This port is a rare example of the 1954 vintage. It is a beautiful pale red with distinct bricking. Tropical fruits on the nose, with fresh mint clearly showing. Sweet brown sugar impact; hot mid-palate and a sweet late palate full of stewed plums. Big levels of acidity. Very hot aftertaste. Gentle finish of dry espresso and plum.
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70 Years of Port
A 40 Year Old Tawny and a 30 Year Old Tawny
***Presented in Our Two-Bottle Leather Effect Gift Box***

A wonderful gift for a 70th Birthday or Anniversary.
This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles. 30 year old and 40 year old Rich Tawny Ports which add up to 70 Years.

Messias 40 Year Old Tawny Port:
This lovely 40 year old has a wonderful tawny colour and is fragrant with a vivid roast almond and summer fruits flavour. It is full of personality, has a lively richness and a mouth watering finish.

Messias 30 Year Old Tawny Port:
This 30-year-old tawny from Messias shows incredible length a deep, old gold colour with hints of dried fruit and honey offsetting the rich nutty aromas.
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