1957 Port Vintage Report

A good vintage although not generally declared. 1957 Port wines are very difficult to get hold of due to the tiny production.

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Kopke Port, 1957

Colheita Port (Comes in Original Kopke box as illustrated).

*** 96 Points Gold Medal, III Concurso Internacional da Cidade do Porto ***

***95 Points- Mark Squires
eRobertParker.com #223 Mar 2016***

The 1957 Colheita Tawny Port was seen before, but it's worth revisiting in the USA, since it's a great wine. This is also the new 2015 bottling. It has 127 grams per litre of residual sugar. It is stunning how youthful this is. Lush and rich on opening, it has mature flavours that emerge, easily demonstrating the complexity and concentrated aromatics one expects. Gripping on the finish, this delivers fruit flavour and seems to linger indefinitely.
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Krohn Port, 1957

Vintage Port

Dark compotes with strong balsamic notes in the nose. Smells a little like cognac. It is very smooth, filled with molasses and plums and leading to an extremely long jammy and spicy finish.
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Quinta do Noval, 1957

Late Bottled Vintage Port

A beautiful and extremely rare bottle.

The 1957 Quinta Do Noval LBV was produced by the traditional Port method, with a long, intense maceration during alcoholic fermentation with the aim of extracting tannin, colour and flavour from the skins. This was done both by foot-treading in traditional granite lagars (shallow vats), and by pumping over. Fermentation temperatures and densities were carefully monitored to choose the ideal moment to fortify. The wines remained in the Douro until the spring when they were transported to Vila Nova de Gaia to mature in large oak vats.
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