1978 Port Vintage Report

1978 was a good Port vintage but not a declared one. The port wines are not outstanding but are still attractive and drinkable. 1978 was the year when the labelling of 'single quinta' became popular.

Michael Symington, Head Winemaker at Symington Family estates (Owners of Dow and Graham) wrote of the 1978 vintage "Musts showed exceptional colour and body and very dark heavy wines have certainly been made. Not a trace of mould or rot was to be seen on the grapes coming in, and seldom can a Vintage have been made from more uniformly healthy grapes." 1978.

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1978 Barros Port


Colheita Port (Includes Barros gift box as shown)
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The 1978 Barros reveals an intense amber colour. A complex but very attractive bouquet with prominent dried fruit aromas, combined with spicy notes and nutty flavours with a very long captivating finish.

Having just celebrated their 100th year trading in 2013 Barros Port is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious companies producing and trading in Port. Much of their success comes from Colheita ports – old tawnies from a single year matured in cask for a minimum period of seven years. Their expertise in Colheitas has established them as the stand out producer of this style. Barros leave their Colheita ports to mature in cask until being hand bottled to order.
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Port, 1978


Burmester - Colheita

This is a wine of exceptional quality and elegance, a Casa Burmester classic that is made from a single harvest - a "Vintage Tawny" - aged in small 550-litre oak barrels in our Vila Nova de Gaia Cellars. It is bottled, at the very least, after seven years and in accordance with demand. This is a wine of exceptional quality and elegance. Colheita ports are made from a single harvest - a "Vintage Tawny" - aged in small oak barrels. It is bottled, at the very least, after seven years and in accordance with demand.
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Quinta do Noval Nacional, 1978

Vintage Port

Reviews: Roy Hersh - For the love of Port.
The 1978 Quinta do Noval Nacional - exhibits a rather light ruby hue and offered a generous nose full of dates, raisins and a roasted coffee note that was most appealing. The flavours showed figs and currants with a backdrop of blueberry that lingered long on the palate. This was a youthful if not truly immature wine that needs lots more time in decanter or better yet, in cellar to reach its fruition.
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Souza Port, 1978

Vintage Port

Fully mature and in a good place. Balanced and elegant port with a long finish.
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Taylor's Port, 1978

Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Port

Dark red almost like a pinot noir to look at. On the nose very strong berry fruits. On the palate hints of the Vargellas fire. Long aftertaste and plenty of tannins. Excellent.
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Kopke Port, 1978

Colheita Port (presented in a Kopke box)

***94 Points- Mark Squires, eRobertParker.com 23 March 2016***

The 1978 Kopke Colheita Tawny Port was bottled in 2015 with 119 grams per litre of residual sugar and a bar top cork (typical for the house). It is very graceful for its age, finishing with a wave of sweetness, fruit and sugar. Emphasizing the caramel more than the molasses, this is irresistibly delicious, but it becomes more complex and puts on weight as it airs and warms. The wine shows off its power and hints of Brandy on the rather tense finish, too. Overall, this is a beauty that becomes more impressive the longer you sit with it.
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Porto Feist, 1978

Vintage port

This Port House was founded in London by two German cousins H. and C.J. Feist in 1836 and opened up in Oporto 1870. Carl Feist left the management in Porto to his son-in-law J.H. Speich in 1921. Barros took over the house in 1953 and was then bought by Sogevinus in 2006.

Yellow mature in colour. On the nose there are notes of berry and roasted coffee. Sweet with flavours of ginger bread, a medium body and a nice and elegant finish.
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