1988 Port Vintage Report

1988 was a very difficult growing year, with bad weather in the spring and summer resulting in a small crop of average quality. As a result there was no declaration of vintage (a mark of the highest quality). Nevertheless, some very attractive single quinta ports were produced.

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Quinta de la Rosa, 1988

Vintage Port

Quinta de La Rosa is a small estate in the heart of the Port wine-growing region in Alto Douro, near Pinhao, owned and operated by the Bergqvist family.

The Quinta and its vineyards were given to the Bergqvist family as a Christening present by the Feuerheerds, who established the property in 1906.

It remains one of the few Single Quinta where the vineyards start at the bank of the Douro and rise 450 meters to the towering top of the mountain. From the river's edge to the top, one passes through 11 different microclimates. This gives La Rosa great flexibility to add variety and complexity to its Ports.
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