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The Last Drop, 1870

Colheita Centenario Duo of Very Old Aged Tawny, DOC Douro
Assortment Case Port

One of only 770 sets that celebrate the history, complexity and prestige of one of the world's great drinks: Port. A highly collectible and utterly fascinating piece for Port enthusiasts. It contains two tawny ports from the respected van Zeller winery, one from 1970 and 1870. To be able to compare vintages a century apart is a truly rare privilege, and this handsome green case contains not only a full-sized wax-dipped bottle of each vintage, but also two 5cl miniatures, a luxury tasting book, handmade stoppers and a certificate of bottling.

1870 OLD COLHEITA TAWNY PORT – NEAL MARTIN’S TASTING NOTES It has an arresting bouquet with scents of black plum,
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Unknown, 1870

Vintage Port, DOC Douro

unknown producer - sothebys neck label
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