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Sandeman, 1878

Vintage Port, DOC Douro
Recorked by Whitwhams in 1990

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Quinta do Bom Retiro, 1878

Garrafeira Port, DOC Douro

An extremely rare 1878 Port wine made from grapes grown at Bom Retiro by the family owning the quinta prior to its sale to Ramos Pinto in 1919. The oldest vintage in the family reserves is 1860.

All original bottles were recorked in 2022 by Luis Sottamayor (cellar master of Ferreira). Each bottle has a branded cork with: 'Recorked 2022 Bom Retiro.

Garrafeira Port is a rare port style that can retain great freshness even after prolonged aging. It is sometimes characterized as tasting like a cross between Colheita and mature Vintage Port. Garrafeira is made from grapes from a single year where the fortified wine undergoes three to six years ageing in wood, oxidating and losing some colour.
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