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Quinta Das Carvalhas, 1938

Vintage Port, DOC Douro
Presented in wooden case

A chance to own a piece of history from Quinta Das Carvalhas. When RCV acquired the Quinta, they discovered many old bottles in its cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. We are delighted to be able to offer the first few bottles of 1938 Vintage Port released by Quinta Das Carvalhas. There are no tasting notes made of this wine...
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Amandios Silva and Filhos, 1938

Old Tawny Port, DOC Douro

Amandios old tawny port 1938 matured in wood by Amandios silva and filhos, It has a nose of raisin, caramel and dried fruits which are also evident on the palate along with a spicy hot mouth-feel and a long smooth finish.
Bottled 1972.
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