1971 Port Vintage Report

No Vintage Ports were produced in 1971.

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1971 Taylor's 50 Years of Port Wine Gift, 1971

Taylor's 30 and 20 Year Old Tawny Port presented in a double leather-effect box.

A unique gift for a 50th Anniversary celebration.

This gift comprises a 75cl bottle of 30 year aged tawny port and a 75cl bottle of 20 year aged tawny port, adding up to 50 years.
This 30-year-old tawny from Taylor's own vineyards shows incredible length, a deep, old gold colour with hints of dried fruit and honey offsetting the rich nutty aromas. Lush, silky richness with an elegant, slightly austere quality which is quite distinctive. Subtle dried fruit flavours underly exotic layers of caramel and nuts, culminating in an endless finish.

The Taylor's 20 Year Old Tawny displays an intense amber tawny colour.
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Barbaresco, 1971

Pico della Mirandola

Barbaresco is one of the great wines of Italy's north-western Piedmont region. This aristocratic red has its vineyards situated in the Langhe, on the right-hand side of the Tanaro river and extending from the area north-east of Alba to the communes of Barbaresco, Nieve and Treiso. The dominant variety grown is Nebbiolo, but Dolcetto and Barbera also play a part. The vines are generally grown on limestone-rich marl soils. similar to the Tortonium soils of the Barolo and La Morra areas in Barolo. Similar to its more famous sibling Barolo, Barbaresco is made from 100% Nebbiolo and shares its cult status as one of the finest wines in the world.
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Barros Special Edition: Five Decades Of Passion


102 Special Edition
Includes premium presentation box
Special Offer | Was £325 | Now £235

This limited edition tawny port is blended from five different vintages from each decade from the 1930's to the 1970's representing 5 decades of passion, talent and art. Having aged in small oak barrels over half a century, these wines have evolved and developed a unique character. This exclusive blend is limited to 1913 bottles only!

This is a sublime port with a medium tawny colour (50% opacity) a slight cedar and mahogany notes as a result of its duration in casks. The wine is full bodied with a soft rounded texture. On the palate there are notes of dried fruits, caramel and a touch of mocha.
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Burmester's 50 Years of Tawny Port, 1971

A 30 Year Old Tawny and a 20 Year Old Tawny, both ports presented in a double dark mocha leather effect gift box.

A wonderful gift to celebrate a 50th anniversary. This double gift box contains two 75cl bottles of Rich Tawny Port beautifully presented in a silk lined gift box:

Burmester blends its magnificent Tawny Ports from its extensive reserves of old cask aged Ports matured in the firm’s cool and tranquil cellars, (known as ‘lodges’) in Oporto on Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

Burmester 30 Year Old Tawny:
Deep tawny colour with greenish hints. Complex and powerful nose, dominated by the strong presence of the dried fruits and spices, combined with a subtle and refined note of vanilla.
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